Oregano & Zaatar

Galilee Fine Ingredients, in cooperation with SDA, offers a variety of natural dehydrated ingredients suitable for animal feed.

The use of Zaatar and Oregano in animal feed is popular due to its ability to reduce the use of antibiotics in combination with probiotic foods in the animal feed. It can also help limit the presence of bacteria and parasites causing illness.

We offer unique varieties of Oregano and Zaatar. These plants have the benefit of  high contents of Thymol and Carvacrol in them.

Benefits of Thymol in Feed:

1. Improves performance indices, feed utilization, immune system, and prevents infectious diseases.

2. Enhances the productive and reproductive performances, nutrient bioavailability, immunity and general health in Livestock, Fish and Poultry.

Benefits of Carvacrol in Feed:

1. Enhances growth and productive performance via modification and activation of gastrointestinal tract structure and function.

2. Improves performance indices, feed utilization, immune functions and health of livestock.

3. Reduces the risks of different animal diseases like cancer and other diseases.

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